Melbourne Indian chef and Hospitality lecturer Daman Shrivastav has been supporting the needy for over 10 years, cooking meals weekly from his home.Now in lockdown he has been inspired to create a cooking show called DDs Kitchen. Daman alongside his 8 year old daughter Diya passionately work to inspire kids and families in lockdown to cook and also to teach his daughter about helping those in need.

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An extraordinary life of a chef – mapping through three continents, a war, surviving homelessness, and now – giving birth to a cooking show during a global pandemic with his daughter, Diya. It all started with a man who simply wanted to become a chef because of a dinner jacket and a bowtie.

Melbourne Chef Daman Shrivastav, what follows is his life put together with his determination and faith. Digging through the seeds of the society in which he surrendered himself to fate, and Daman comes to know that success can only survive if one knows never to abandon humility.

I would like to recommend Chef Daman Shrivastav for the wonderful community service work that he is providing to the minority groups in our community during the challenging times of this Covid-19 pandemic.

Tom Milligan Culinary Arts Technical Director

We feel privileged and honoured to be associated with one of our very own GHARS founding directors Mr.DamanShrivastav for his exemplary community Service work that has been carried out on a regular basis through his DDs kitchen initiative during the critical pandemic times.

Dharmendra Dhade Chairperson Ghars

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Diya and Daman for the tireless work they have been doing to educate, entertain and support our school community during this lock down period.

Pete deWacht Principal

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse and support DD’S kitchen who during these tough times have been committed to help the wider community and assist them with nutritious home cooked meals.

Mark Weatherley Director

DD’s Kitchen is a fantastic story, dad and daughter Daman and Diya teaming up in Melbourne during the COVID 19 lockdown producing a cooking show to inspire families and children to cook together, then donating the prepared food to the homeless and members of our community that need a hand.

Mark Sweeting General Manager RATIONAL Australia

DD’s kitchen is a great initiative which has had a great impact on people’s mental health in a positive way. Great work

Richard Warneke (B.Com/LLB) Managing Director

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Daman Shrivastav for the wonderful community service work that he provides for minority groups in our community during these challenging times.

Rose Wake (PhD Candidate MonashUniversity, M.Ed, GCTT,GCER) Academic Course Manager

I want to commend Daman and his daughter Diya for the wonderful initiative that they have undertaken to do charity through food.

Molina Swarup Asthana Principal of Swarup Asthana Lawyers

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